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Behaviour and Attitudes to Adopt During Ramadan in Morocco for Tourists

Ramadan, a holy month for Muslims around the world, has a special significance in Morocco. As a popular tourist destination, Marrakech attracts visitors from all over the world, but it's essential for travelers to understand and respect local traditions, especially during this sacred period. Here's an essential guide on how to behave when visiting Marrakech during Ramadan.

Renting a villa in Marrakech during Ramadan, here are the rules of conduct for tourists.

1. Respect for religious customs :

Ramadan is a month of fasting, prayer and reflection for Muslims. It is therefore imperative for visitors to respect these religious practices. This means avoiding eating, drinking or smoking in public during the fasting hours, which run from sunrise to sunset. Although non-Muslims are not required to fast, it is respectful not to eat or drink openly during the day on the public highway.

2. Food Restrictions :

During Ramadan, some restaurants in Marrakech modify their opening hours and menus to accommodate the fasting observed by the local population. Tourist restaurants are generally open, but may operate reduced hours and offer special evening menus called Iftar. However, it is essential to respect the places where fasting is observed, and to avoid eating or drinking in public places during the day.

3. Alcohol service :

Although predominantly Muslim, Morocco is also known for its religious tolerance and open-mindedness. However, during Ramadan, alcohol consumption in public places may be restricted, particularly during fasting hours. Many bars and restaurants may choose not to serve alcohol during this period out of respect for religious practice. Tourists are therefore advised to check the individual policies of establishments before ordering alcoholic beverages during Ramadan. In tourist establishments, hotels or vacation resorts intended for foreign tourists, it is rare to see any restrictions.

4. Smoking in Public :

Smoking in public during fasting hours can be seen as disrespectful to those observing Ramadan. Although some places may tolerate smoking in designated areas, it is best to avoid smoking in public during the day. Smokers are encouraged to be discreet and respect the religious practices of the local population.

5. Accessibility of Tourist Sites :

A question often asked by tourists during Ramadan concerns the accessibility of tourist sites. Although some sites may be closed or have reduced opening hours, most remain open to visitors. However, it is advisable to check the individual opening times of attractions before planning a visit. Opening hours may vary during Ramadan due to prayers and religious activities.

Conclusion :

In conclusion, visiting Marrakech during Ramadan can be a rewarding experience, provided that local religious traditions and practices are respected. By adopting respectful behavior, showing cultural sensitivity and understanding local customs, tourists can make the most of their stay while honoring the spiritual importance of this sacred month for the people of Morocco.


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